The seeds of The Object of Desire were planted many years ago. Thea Draaisma and Giovanni Glascock founded A Spa for You 15 years ago around the concepts of “the Art of the Body” and “the Body of Art”.  

As such, A Spa for You has always been home to artful, personal spa experiences, individually created within the calming decor of a boutique gallery setting. And their “Body of Art” concept took real form as The Object of Desire Art Gallery came into existence in 2019 with art becoming yet more a part of A Spa for You's decor and beginning its monthly Sedona 1st Friday Art Walk transformations from inviting experiential spa oasis into unique oasis of experiential art gallery just for the three hours of the Art Walk.

The Object of Desire Art Gallery, hosted by A Spa for You Sedona Day Spa, rotates a limited selection of its art catalog as part of the spa's contemporary everyday décor for the pleasure and enjoyment of the spa's guests and therapists. AND for each Sedona 1st Friday Art Walks, the entire spa is transformed into multiple individual galleries for that 3 hour "exhibition as performance" evening event (5:00-8:00pm) - we have the time and space to create complete, individually unique room exhibitions of our artists extended catalogue and new works.

The Object of Desire represents joyful, contemplative, contemporary fine art works by regionally and nationally recognized artists - please see our Portfolio page for more about the art and artists represented.  Should you be Art Curious and/ or prefer a private review of any particular works, or a consultation with any of our artists regarding a commission interest, we are always happy to arrange a private showing, or appointment at your convenience..