Welcome to The Object of Desire, Sedona's Premiere Pop-Up Gallery of Contemporary Art featuring works to complement & enhance your living & working spaces created by national, regional & local artists. 

Hosted by A Spa for You Sedona Day Spa, the gallery's works create a gentle, contemplative backdrop and décor for spa sessions and a place where - on each 1st Friday Sedona Art Walk - the entire spa is  transformed into a series of Pop-Up Galleries featuring a new, 3 hour ONLY exhibition and public reception.

The Object of Desire Art Gallery  Sedona, Arizona   © Copyright All Rights Reserved

You know when you've found an Object of Desire ...you know through the sense of connection you feel and how it resonates within you. 

The Object of Desire Sedona Art Gallery

“The distinction between heaven and earth is a line we draw” Giovanni Glascock: imagination on canvas